Is a Party Bus a Recipe For Disaster?

Having a party in a vehicle is far from a recent phenomenon—for decades, people have been celebrating the good times in the backs of vans and limousines. Partying on the road has been a fond pastime for people of all types for many years. Now, rentable “party buses” are becoming more and more popular as a way of having a party while on the go.

Party bus travel can be great fun

Party buses can be a fun way of seeing the sights of the town you’re in while celebrating a special occasion with friends. Limousines are limited with regard to space and maximum occupancy, and while party buses are certainly not unlimited in these terms, they offer a larger amount of space and the ability to transport a larger number of celebrants. This makes them both fun and economical for larger mobile gatherings.

But is it safe?

Recent news stories of tragic deaths and injuries taking place on party buses have many would-be party bus commissioners thinking twice before renting a party bus for their own gathering. Whether due to driver negligence or mechanical malfunction, party bus accidents and mishaps can end horribly, leaving merry-makers dead and their families in mourning.

Statistics for party bus crashes are lacking

Party bus accident statistics have not been well-documented, even with the growing popularity of this mode of celebratory transport. Data from the U.S. Department of Transportation do document “van-based bus” fatalities, of which there were 17 between the years of 2011 and 2012; however, van-based buses may also include other types of vehicles, and not all party buses are van-based. It is hard to say, therefore, whether party buses are more or less safe than other types of vehicles in which parties may be held.

If you or someone you know is injured in a party bus accident

If you or a loved one have been injured while on board a party bus, contact an attorney to learn more about what rights and entitlements you may have under local law. A lawyer with experience in bus accident cases can help you get informed about your case and fight for any monetary awards that may be due to you as a party bus accident victim.